Spheres Of Activity

For more than twenty-five years, the team of ``Shopova, Kolarova and Partners`` Law Association provides to its clients loyalty, individual approach, quality of service and strict confidentiality, doing legal consulting in the following areas

Corporate law

  • Research and preparation of legal analyzes of commercial companies, holding structures, contracts
  • Exploring and analyzing opportunities and realization of investment intentions, risk assessment and representation in this connection to third parties, including state and municipal authorities and institutions
  • Acquisition of trading companies, shares and assets packages, commercial enterprises, separated parts thereof or separate assets
  • Structuring and transformation of commercial companies and holding structures (mergers with and into another commercial company, divisions and divestments)
  • Restructuring of obligations of commercial companies (proposals and arrangements for deferral, rescheduling, separation)
  • Insolvency procedure and recovery of commercial companies

Property and contractual law

  • Analysis of the legal status of real estate, the optimal possibilities for acquisition with assessment of the subsequent tax effects
  • Participation in negotiations, preparation, conclusion and execution of transactions
  • Preparation and establishment of mortgages and other collateral
  • Assistance in realization of investment projects related to acquisition of properties, construction and sale of holiday villages, closed residential complexes, residential buildings or separate parts of residential buildings
  • Participation in negotiations, preparation, conclusion and implementation of trade agreements, including optional, investment and others

IT law

  • Comprehensive service to IT companies and the structuring of their business; registration of startup companies
  • Preparation of software development contracts, license use of software products, use of information services and maintenance of software products
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Work permits for foreigners
  • Protection of personal data. GDPR

Lawsuit proceedings preparation

  • Presentation in civil, commercial, administrative and enforcement cases
  • Representation in arbitration courts proceedings
  • Put-of-court settlement of disputes through mediation