Privacy Policy of ``Elena Shopova and Partners`` Law Office for the Processing and Protection of Personal Data

“Shopova, Kolarova and Partners” Law Association processes personal data in the capacity of a personal data controller as well as personal data processor by assignment under a contract with other personal data controllers. This means that your personal data – such as name, address, telephone, e-mail contact, etc. may be stored by us in our database.

Expressing our commitment to ensure the highest level of protection of your personal data, we have established internal rules and strict procedures for supervising the processing of personal data that comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ).

If you cannot find an answer to any of your personal data processing questions within the content of the current policy or if you need additional information, you can contact us in the ways as listed below:

Shopova, Kolarova and Partners” Law Association
Address: 46, Tulcha St., 6-th floor
1404 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 88 542 84 65
E-mail: el.shopova@gmail.com

Why and how “Shopova, Kolarova and Partners” Law Association processes personal data?

The law office and its attorneys carry out the function provided by the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria – to support the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal entities. To accomplish this function, we need to process the personal data of our clients and third parties.

All the pointed data is necessary for providing the best possible protection of clients’ interests. In many cases, if we do not have access to this data, the services we offer will not be adequate to the client’s needs, and may also be impossible to provide our services.

When performing this function, we comply with the highest standards of confidentiality that correspond with and exceed the requirements of the Law on Attorney and the Attorney’s Code of Ethics.

When processing your personal data, we do not perform profiling or apply automated decision-making procedures that may affect your rights.

However, we may have to provide access to your personal data in a limited range to a third party – e.g. our accounting department/office. In these cases, we ensure that third parties hired by us shall apply the same high standards of protection of your personal data.

We may process your personal data by assignment of a client of ours – in these cases this policy will be applied limitedly only to the range of your rights. If you have additional questions, we will take the commitment to re-direct them to our client and ensure that you will receive an answer within the deadlines provided for by the law.

What does the meaning of the term “personal data” include?

The Law Office applies its standards of confidentiality to any information that becomes available to us in the course of our professional activity. Nevertheless, this policy is specifically connected to the protection of personal data – and protection of the rights of the individuals to whom it relates.

Personal data which is a subject to this policy includes any information that concerns a particular individual and may include name, address, contact details. Data about contacts with legal entities – trade name, contact address, office phones and e-mail addresses, etc. is not information to be considered personal data.

What purposes do we process personal data for?

When the Law Office defines the purposes for the processing of personal data, the following aims are to be taken into account:

  • In connection with the legal services assigned to us – The Law Office provides legal services on the basis of a contract with each individual client. For the purposes of the conclusion and performance of the legal services contract, we process the personal data of our clients and/or the persons who represent them (proxies, managers, executive directors, procurators, etc.). In this case, the reason for processing the data is the execution of the concluded contract, including processing in connection with the provision of certain information and/or services before the conclusion of a contract.For this purpose, we will process the personal data of our client until termination of the contract and for a specified period thereafter – within which additional rights and obligations may arise for the parties to the contract. This period is usually 5 years after the contract is terminated.
  • In connection with contracts concluded by the Law Office for the supply of goods/services
  • For the purposes of implementation of employment contracts, permanent employment contracts and traineeships contracts
  • To carry out legal obligations – the Law Office is required by the law to keep accounting and to apply anti-money laundering measures. Your personal data will be used to fulfill our obligations under the Accountancy Act and the Anti -Money Laundering Measures Act, as well as all legal provisions in force on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria at the time the processing of personal data takes place.
  • To Protect the Legal Interests of the Law Office – Your personal data may be necessary to prove to the respective supervisory authority or third parties that we are fulfilling our legal obligations as well as in relation to the clarification of claims by or against the Law Office.

In cases when the processing of your personal data is done by a consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time. In this case, we will immediately cease processing the data for the relative purpose, but this will not affect the processing for another purpose – for example: when we have a contractual or legal obligation to do so. You can always object to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of providing information on our part, in which case we will immediately cease the relevant disclosure.In some particular cases, processing your personal data may be done for other purposes, and in such cases we will explicitly notify you.

What are your rights in relation to processing your personal data by our side?

At any time while processing your personal data, you are entitled to the following:

1. Get information about what exactly personal data of yours we are processing and for what purposes;

2. Require correction of incorrect or inaccurate personal data;

3. Require deleting your personal data – When there is no reason to continue processing your personal data, you may at any time require deletion of all information about you that we store. If we have completed our affiliate relationship and have no legal obligation to keep this information, it will be deleted.

4. Require storage of your personal data without processing it in another way – If there is no reason to continue processing your personal data but you do not want it to be deleted – for example: with an intention to future collaboration – You can request from us at any time to stop any other form of processing and just store your data. In this case, we will be able to process your personal data only with your consent or under the law.

5. Require providing to you your personal data. If you want to receive a copy of all the data we process for you, you can always require it. In this case, you must indicate whether we can provide you the data in hard copy or in electronic format in standard file format (.pdf, .doc).

6. Object to the processing of your personal data – When processing your personal data for the purpose of protection the interests of the Law Office, you may object to processing at any time.

In order to exercise any of the above pointed rights, please send us a paper copy or an e-mail with your particular request. Please specify explicitly your contact details – email and/or phone number if we need to specify something on your request.

Your request will be considered within 1 month. If we have difficulty meeting your request, this deadline can be extended by up to 2 months, and we are committed to inform you of this extension within 1 month of receiving your request.

Your request may be rejected in the following cases:

  • If we cannot identify you;
  • If we do not process your personal data;
  • If there is a legal impediment to implementation of your request;
  • If we have a legitimate interest of considerable significance for rejecting your request;
  • If we have received a large number of requests by your side for a short period of time to exercise the same right, or if your request has already been fulfilled and no factual circumstances are pointed for the re-fulfillment of the same request.

Notwithstanding anything stated, you may at any time request information about how we store your personal data. We, on the other hand, are committed to responding promptly to your questions.

If you consider that we are violating your rights, you may file a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Commission that supervises the processing of personal data we do.

Personal Data Protection Commission

Address – 2, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.,1592, Sofia

Information and Contact Center – Tel: 02/ 91 53 518

Reception – Working hours: 9:00 – 17:30

E-mail: kzld@cpdp.bg

Website: www.cpdp.bg