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Shopova, Kolarova and Partners

Shopova, Kolarova and Partners” Law Association is committed to the full legal service of its clients.

We take care to provide you with a fast reaction and give you the best solution to questions that affect your interests and comfort.

We are focused on the commercial and legal issues of medium-sized business.

Our lawyers are specialists in various spheres of Bulgarian corporate law. This enables us to offer an immediate response, a flexible, advanced and professional solution for every problem.

Confidentiality, individual approach, loyalty and good solutions are the real guarantor of the high standard of our services and your success.

Spheres of Activity

For more than twenty-five years, the team of “Shopova, Kolarova and Partners” Law Association provides to its clients loyalty, individual approach, quality of service and strict confidentiality, doing legal consulting in the following: areas

Corporate law

Property and contractual law

Lawsuit proceedings preparation

Our Team

managing partner

managing partner

attorney at law

attorney at law


Shopova, Kolarova and Partners Law Association is among the founders of the IUSFUL European Legal Network, established in 2003. Nowadays members of IUSFUL are law offices from Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, France, Croatia, North Macedonia, The Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

Our relationships and cooperation with them allows us to expand and improve the legal service to our clients. In this way, we guarantee rapid and effective support for the successful realization of every business venture not only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria but also throughout Europe.


Shopova, Kolarova and Partners Law Association
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